Ceramic Drop-in

Drop-in sinks have a rim or lip that sits on the counter while the basin rests below. Ideal for remodeling, drop-in sinks can be easily retrofitted to an existing counter. Hahn Drop-In Bathroom Sinks are designed and chosen for their clean lines and durability. The built-in overflow ensures that water will not overflow, damaging cabinets and flooring. Offered in two colors, Bisque and White.



Ceramic Drop-in - Model#VC003

Hahn Ceramic Drop-In Bathroom Sinks are designed and chosen for their clean lines and durability. These sinks will lend an understated elegance to any bathroom, and complements both transitional and modern decor styles. The smooth, non-porous surface of Ceramic is naturally durable and hygienic, and offered in both glossy White and Bisque finishes — Pair it with any single-hole faucet for a beautifully coordinated look.

Hahn Ceramic Drop-In Bathroom Sinks are elegantly crafted using high-quality ceramic, which is durable, sturdy and engineered not to crack or chip over time. This drip-free sink is UV resistant, and mildew resistant, and non-toxic. The stain resistant and scratch resistant properties make it easy to maintain, and also resists discoloration and rust when cleaned regularly.

Ceramic is easy to clean, requiring no special products — providing the durability needed to withstand daily use. Low on maintenance, the Hahn Ceramic Drop-In Bathroom Sinks can be wiped with a clean damp cloth. The durability of ceramic sinks along with their ease of maintenance and low cost make them a great choice when selecting a bathroom sink.

Hahn Ceramic Drop-In Bathroom Sinks, also called a self-rimming sink — are inserted into the cut-out from the top of a countertop and hang from an overlapping rim. Perfect for easy installation and bathroom sink retrofitting, Drop-In Sinks can be installed into any stock countertop.

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